Twice as Nice | Graphic design | Italian and English
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Hello! Ciao!
We are a
dual language
creative duo.

We specialise in visuals and content
in both Italian and English language.

What we do

We create compelling campaigns for businesses we love. Our clients are primarily in the hospitality, food & drink, tourism, arts and public sectors, in Italy, the UK and Australia.

Graphic design | Branding

Graphic design is our main area of expertise. We can create a striking logo, fresh corporate identity, promotional materials, web banners and advertising, and anything else your brand desires.

Web design | SEO | PPC

We provide custom web design services. Once you have your bespoke site, you might then ask: “how do I get my website to the top of Google?”. We’ll show you how, with great SEO and PPC advertising.

Social media | Content

Increase your sales, improve your customer service and develop brand awareness with a social media strategy and shareable content. We also provide social media account management.

Bilingual communication

We are fluent in Italian and English. All our services – branding, websites, PR, content and  social media – are available in both languages. We’ll also advise on how you can attract foreign customers and clients.

Who we are

The number one priority at Twice As Nice is to help people in the Piedmont region of Italy to improve their creative offering. It’s a natural goal – Andrea (our design guy) was born and bred in Asti. Lee (the words girl), an Australian traveller, has fallen in love with Italy and made it her home. Together, they combine their skills and languages to provide a complete creative service. We are TWICE AS NICE.

Andrea Visconti

A graphic designer and visual artist, Andrea has practised his craft across the globe – the UK, Australia and Italy – for over 15 years. Simple, striking design is his passion. Major brands such as Disney and Mattel, as well as international designers and architects including Alessandro Mendini and Andrea Branzi, are some of the notable names Andrea has worked with.

Lee Rachel Tobin

Australian-born Lee has worked in journalism, PR, media relations and digital marketing in London, Liverpool and Sydney. Her specialty is social media – she has developed strategies for clients ranging from major London public sector organisations and national law firms to small restaurants and start-ups. Lee loves working in challenging industries with harder-to-reach audiences.